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The 4 keys to solving dog separation anxiety

As a dog owner, you probably enjoy spending time with your beloved dog. Be sure to temper your desire to be with your pet by giving him time for himself. If you don’t teach your dog to fend for himself, it can lead to panic attacks every time you leave him alone. Seeing your pet […]

Amazing India and Pushkar Daily

We arrived in the land of 1,000 languages ​​and 1,000 gods. At the Intercontinental, the women in my group are greeted with marigolds and marked with the typical red dot on their foreheads. This hotel is an oasis of luxury in a polluted city of 14 million people. Two days are spent touring Delhi. Must-see […]

earthquake insurance in california

When the water began to drain from New Orleans in 2005, we learned that most homeowners in New Orleans did not have flood insurance, since they were supposedly in “low risk” areas. More than 60% of homeowners will need to rely on their own savings and limited federal assistance to rebuild New Orleans, at an […]

Rottweiler Training Basics for Perfect Behavior

Rottweiler Training Basics Looking at a Rottweiler, you might think that Rottweiler training is a very difficult job mainly because this is a very tough looking breed of dog. In reality, however, Rottweilers are highly intelligent dogs that are eager to learn and work for their masters. These traits make Rottweiler training much easier than […]

Philosophy of coexistence

Society is the ultimate in human evolution. We live in a cohesive society that meets all human needs, whether natural or nurtured. Cohesion is the most important factor of coexistence. The philosophy of coexistence is not a matter of debate but of truth. Few of us really question the mechanics of our world and the […]

Gaslighting: How to Recognize

Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation. It seeks to sow the seeds of doubt in the targeted individual. The goal of the gaslighter is to make the victim question her own perception, memory, and sanity. Befriending you and getting information from friends and family are ways for the abuser to get information on how […]

Fleas, ticks and vinegar?

Does your pet come home from the park with fleas and ticks? Are you looking for natural pet care against fleas and ticks? Did you know that apple cider vinegar repels fleas and ticks? To make the solution more fragrant, you can make a tincture of fresh and dried leaves such as rosemary leaves, calendula […]

Types of pest control

Natural Pest Control Already in the year 3000 a. In Egypt, cats were used as a method of pest control to protect grain stores from rodents. In 1939, a survey found that a population of cats could drastically reduce the level of rats found in the area, however they were unable to completely destroy the […]