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California Statutory Rape Crimes and Punishments

What is statutory rape? As defined by the FBI, statutory rape is characterized as unforced sexual intercourse with a person under the legal age of consent. In California, the age at which a person can no longer become a victim of statutory rape is 18 years old. Statutory rape law in California is titled “Unlawful […]

Surfing and camping in California

Camping in California only goes with the surf. How else could most surfers afford a weekend in Big Sur? I know I can’t afford a spa. I have camped many times in places where I could surf. Although there weren’t always waves, there was always a fire and some hot dogs. As with any planned […]

Myth of impossibility about public accounting

Public Accounting is one of those qualifications that have advanced impressively in a short compass time and have reformed its scope from just accounting to much more to offer jobs to people in various fields like auditing, business consulting, managerial positions, financial positions. key, risk managers, tax advisors, company secretaries, etc. Public Accounting is a […]

California Global Warming Solutions Act: An Introduction

The California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) is explained below at a summary level with a brief introduction to the Stationary Equipment Refrigerant Management Program that will be integrated into the AB 32 legislation. Information related to existing and emerging legislation on refrigerant gas management, monitoring, tracking and reporting is communicated here to be […]

Copyright, Divorce, and Community Property in California

Intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, patents, and trademarks, can be valuable assets that should not be overlooked in any divorce settlement. This article will briefly look at copyright and community property in California. In California, the In Re Marriage of Worth case established that copyright should be treated as community property subject to equitable […]