Month: June 2023

my dad is a janitor

In addition to being a salesperson for one of the nation’s leading cleaning and facility maintenance companies, I am a father. Like most parents, I tend to measure the passage of time by watching my children grow up and experience life. Along the way, landmark moments stand out and draw your attention to your child’s […]

Inheritance tax payment in the UK

The current UK inheritance tax is a contentious issue among taxpayers. Most of us think that a person who paid all the taxes on the earnings in his lifetime that the government has no right to tax that money a second time once the person has died. That is why this type of tax is […]

2000 calorie diet menu and meal plan

The 2,000 calorie diet plan limits a person’s daily food intake to 2,000 calories. This is almost close to the normal number of calories a person consumes in a day. But the difference between a 2,000 calorie diet plan and a normal daily meal is that the 2,000 calories in a diet plan come primarily […]

Socialized medicine: good or bad for EMS?

A popular topic often debated in political races and among health care providers is the need for nationalized health coverage (socialized medicine). Various other countries like Canada, England and Australia use such services. A popular argument in favor of nationalized healthcare is the availability of insurance to all citizens, regardless of their financial situation. On […]

How to Avoid an Investment Property Scam

This article was first published in May 2006 as a warning to potential investors to be careful when committing to real estate investments. Hundreds of investors actually signed up with us and are taking joint legal action, but many more, including many major banks, some now in government hands, have been involved in hundreds more […]