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Marketing relationships

Marketing has been transformed from an element designed to manipulate customers to a process that builds relationships while serving customer needs. Regis McKenna, author of Relational marketing, points out that marketing relationships are aimed at creating, rather than controlling, the market. This process unfolds through education, incremental improvement, and ongoing processes, rather than simple market […]

What is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool: A Review

Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool General ranking: 98/100 Price: First 30 searches $ 0, Pro Membership $ 19 per month, Enterprise Membership $ 49 per month Owners: Kyle and Carson INTRODUCTION What’s all the talk about search engine optimization (SEO), keyword research, and keyword research? What is a keyword tool? What is a keyword tool for? […]

The art of persuasion

Man-1: I came here for a good discussion! Man-2: Ah no you didn’t, you came here to argue! Man-1: An argument is not just a contradiction. Man-2: Well, it COULD be! Man-1: No, he can’t! An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition. Man-2: No it’s not! – Monty Python […]