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The definition of a good question

Questions like “Is it real?”, “Is the universe friendly or hostile?” or whatever may seem important in the moment, boil down to this ultimately, although it may seem a bit extreme to some: risk it all and get your answer, then you’ll know what’s really going on behind it all. There are some things I […]

How to use word choice in marketing

Word choice in marketing and advertising is absolutely critical. When advertisers spend millions of dollars every year, you can bet they’ve tested every word they’re going to use. They want their word choices to psychologically lead you to believe that their product is the best, that it will change your life. Skillful advertisers can make […]

Six basic concepts of tweet etiquette on Twitter

Twitter is a community of people seeking knowledge. Like any other community, there are guidelines on how to communicate and treat others. Below are some basics related to appreciation, grammar, and information sharing to remember if you choose to recognize others or communicate with followers on Twitter. express gratitude If others retweet (RT) something you’ve […]

Search Engine Optimization?

Everyone wants to jump on the search engine optimization bandwagon. By now, you’ve probably read about the many tricks and techniques, you’ve probably even read a lot about what I’m going to write about here. Many have been doing this for years, but many who are just starting out wouldn’t even dare to think about […]