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Don’t worry about the little things – go big in triathlon because sweating is part of the program

Run these nine tactics through your mind-shrinking ray gun machine to turn big, self-perpetuating worry issues into nothing more than little things that don’t deserve a sweat: Refrain from bending over to let things wash over you. Withdrawal. Regroup. Increase. Move on. Never give up. Recognize that frustrations are the negative side of your most […]

Exit from alternative energy sources

When we think of viable alternative energy sources, we think of solar power, wind power, and even wave power. But have you ever considered generating power from old pills, used diapers, and molten salt? Alternative energy from trash and molten salt sources is no longer a fiction; It has been tried and tested successfully. Alternative […]

Are you ready to kick your ass?

The business is brutal. Especially for newbies who have no experience running their own operations. Face the facts that are going to kick your butt. Your marketing campaigns will be ruined. Money will be lost (learning experiences). Customers will abandon ship. Some products will not be sold. Oh, and at the beginning of learning a […]

Crazy Celebrity Tattoos

There is no question that some people just don’t think at all when getting a tattoo. This can also be said of various celebrities. Some celebrities only get a tattoo for the sake of getting a tattoo, others get it while, drunk or high, which is never a good combination when getting a tattoo. One […]

The truth is that there is no spoon

The movie that has impressed me the most in recent years is “The Matrix.” While the movie has many deep meanings, I specifically remember the scene where Neo met Oracle for the first time. You are ready to meet Oracle and it is waiting for you. See several children practicing supernatural abilities. One of them […]

Twilight Saga Eclipse Party Ideas

Twilight Saga Eclipse Party Ideas and party supplies with an Eclipse theme are very popular with tweens and teens … and some Twilight Moms too. Fans of this Stephenie Meyer Saga are not far behind when it comes to organizing and decorating parties. There are some really fun games that have also come out thanks […]

Moldy washing machine door seal

If the door seal on your washing machine has a buildup of mold or black mold, it is caused by a buildup of bacteria, often from the incorrect use of detergents. The most likely reason for this is the use of liquid or gel detergents that do not contain bleach additives, these bleaches are important […]