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Frederick the Great – 18th century Great Prussian statesman, military leader, and man of culture

Frederick II of Prussia (1712-1786), commonly known as Frederick the Great, was King of Prussia and one of that country’s greatest rulers. He had a multifaceted personality, being a great statesman, military commander, writer, musician, and social reformer. Statesman and military leader When Frederick the Great was born, Austria was the leading power in the […]

Piano Transcriptions Of Your Favorite Christmas Carols

Piano Transcriptions If you’re learning to play the piano, there are few songs better to start with than some of the classic Christmas carols. These festive songs can bring you and your loved ones together in celebration of the holiday season. You’ll have fun playing them and creating a memorable experience. There are plenty of […]

Is hell eternal?

Is hell eternal? There are two answers to this question. The first answer, regarding the duration of hellfire, is yes; it will burn forever, according to several New Testament scriptures. And it does need to burn forever to justly and eternally punish the devil and his evil angels, who, according to the Bible, are eternal […]

Is the cord blood bank right for you?

Saving your baby’s cord blood allows it to be cryogenically stored and then available if your child later becomes ill and needs a bone marrow transplant. Cord blood was discarded until the 1970s, when researchers discovered that cord blood could save lives under certain circumstances. Many parents-to-be ask this very question. Here are some things […]