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Top Ten Home Improvement Tips

Thinking of making some improvements to your current home or a home you just bought? Here are ten tips and tricks to improve the chances that you’ll be delighted when you move in again. Resale. Even if you plan to stay in the house, think about the next owner. Making sure your upgrades add resale […]

Benefits of custom cabinets

Optimize your storage space They can improve a house that lacks current storage space. If a given area has the potential for storage, custom cabinets can use square footage. Ordinary cabinets are less likely to fit into unique spaces or suit the quirks of an older home. Adding storage to your home will reduce unsightly […]

A Brief History of Rooftop Gardens

Wherever they may be, rooftop gardeners are a breed apart. With space at a premium, I have seen meadows growing on eaves and roses creeping skyward. In the most exposed spaces I have seen mature trees grow and have found orchards and orchards in protected city gardens. Growing up in the sky is never easy, […]