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Kitchen Cabinet Design

I bought a new house last month and my wife was quite concerned about the kitchen and wanted the kitchen to look perfect so we went to a home remodeling store and the guy told us if we wanted our kitchen to look remarkably normal Then you need to focus on kitchen cabinets because kitchen […]

How Durable Are Laminate Cabinet Doors?

Although laminate closet doors are almost the cheapest selection for your closets, they are far from the lowest quality. When we talk from a durability point of view, I think high pressure plastic laminate doors are the most durable of all. I have now been in the kitchen furniture manufacturing business for many years and […]

Black lipstick

Today, black lipstick is more associated with the goth subculture and, to a lesser extent, with some heavy metal bands and singers. Bands like KISS and Alice Cooper still sport this dramatic look. However, when applied poorly, this lipstick can appear sticky and difficult. Among the Goths, it is the mark of a person without […]

Knife safety in the kitchen

Most people do not know the correct way to handle a knife, whether in the kitchen or in some other daily use. I have worked in a kitchen as a chef for 25 years and it never ceases to amaze me how carelessly people handle a knife; one of the most used and dangerous tools […]

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets

If you are remodeling your kitchen, then kitchen cabinets may be the first on your list to replace. But be prepared: 70% of your new kitchen remodel budget will go to cabinets alone. That means it’s important to choose wisely when choosing new kitchen cabinets. Where to start choosing kitchen cabinets You will find that […]

Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens have so many design options that they are literally endless. Kitchen design ideas include features like cabinets, tiles, countertops, appliances, hardware, and accessories. Each feature alone has a multitude of design options and the possible combinations are endless. Two identical kitchens with just one different feature can look like very different kitchens when finished. […]