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Tips for healthy eating

Eating healthy helps your mind, body and soul. Your body will begin to appreciate the change in your diet and you will feel much better. Healthy eating is truly the healthiest way to lose weight. Additionally, a low-calorie nutritional diet and exercise regimen help control disease and aging. You know that the reason we tend […]

The best books to cook quickly and easily

Hungry Girl 300 under 300 by Lisa Lillien This book offers 300 great foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that are less than 300 calories. It also includes starters and appetizers. The multitude of foods bring original foods and come to life with new ingredients in the mix, like Buffalo Chicken Wing Macaroni & Cheese […]

4 rules for bench press safety

The bench press is the “holy grail” of all weight training exercises. When you hear weightlifters or gym rats discussing their exercise routine with each other, one of the first things you always hear is that they talk about how much they can bench press. How much you can bench press is something that we […]

Yahoo Boys or Ritualists?

The current trend of discovering corpses abandoned in our streets and drains every day is really very worrying. If it is not a bagged body, it will be dismembered parts, raped corpses without underwear, or bodies with all intimate parts, eyes, tongues, wrists, hearts or intestines carefully removed. So, I hope you also read about […]