Month: December 2021

Americana Podcast – The 51st State

Americana Podcast Americana Podcast: The 51st State is a multimedia platform dedicated to the genre. It features interviews with musicians from various genres and focuses on the history of the genre. Robert Earl Keen, a pioneer in the genre, hosts the show and discusses his creative process, successes, and failures. Listeners will find great stories […]

Sports Betting Basics

Sports Betting If you’re a first-time bettor, sports betting can seem overwhelming. There are point spreads, odds, and scores of different bet types to figure out. Fortunately, there are some basic sports betting tips you can use to make the right bet. Knowing what you should bet on and when to cash out can ensure […]

Virtual currency games

The dream of all young boys (and many grown men) to earn a living playing video games is getting closer to reality. The recent launch of HunterCoin and VoidSpace in development, games that reward players in digital currency rather than virtual princesses or gold stars point to a future where ranking one on a leaderboard […]

Houses in Marietta, GA for sale

Marietta, GA is located in the northeastern part of Georgia in the Cobb County of Georgia. The city is surrounded by beautiful refreshing landscapes. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the United States. The city relies primarily on sectors such as manufacturing, infrastructure, education, and real estate. Marietta has a renowned educational […]

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