The bathroom floor is a choice that is mainly affected by the humidity factor. The primary decision is usually between tile and vinyl and often depends on the remodeler’s budget. Vinyl flooring is cost-effective and waterproof, but it will wear more easily than tile. Vinyl is also impossible to repair once scratched or torn and tends to have a “manufactured” look. Tile is the premium bathroom floor. High durability and natural beauty are just two factors that make tiles stand out.

Entryways, Lobbies, Foyers, and Laundry

These rooms are major traffic areas and require durability, water and stain resistance, and ease of cleaning. The combination of these factors often leads home remodelers to choose between vinyl and tile. Vinyl is a more temporary option for flooring in these areas. Vinyl flooring wears out over time and will need to be updated in 5-10 years. Tile is a more permanent and durable option. The natural strength and beauty of tiles create longevity for any floor.


Bedroom flooring is a choice based on one or two users. Traffic is low and often a choice must be made between carpet, hardwood or laminate flooring. Carpet feels warmer and is softer on your feet, but it tends to retain moisture, dirt, and mildew. Hardwood feels cooler, is easier to clean, but is more expensive than carpet. Hardwood floors are highly durable and can be refinished when necessary. Laminate wood floors have the same qualities as hardwoods and are fairly inexpensive, but they are more difficult to repair when damaged.


Kitchen flooring has perhaps the most options to choose from. These include laminate, hardwood, tile, and vinyl. Laminate and hardwood flooring are good choices in kitchens when contrasted with cabinets. For example, white cabinets and natural oak hardwood flooring, or natural oak cabinets and dark laminate flooring. Vinyl is an inexpensive option that many first-time homeowners choose based on price. Tile is a beautiful product that is natural and durable. However, it is comparable in price to hardwood floors.

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