Marble countertops are among the most valued and expensive kitchen surfaces. It is a natural stone and as such is porous and requires sealing to be suitable for use as a kitchen surface. One of the problems with this type of natural stone countertops is that they can be scratched. Fortunately, there are many products that can be used to remove scratches from marble.

marble polishing

You can remove small surface scratches with a product known as a marble polish, available at most DIY stores under a variety of brand names. Look for products labeled marble polishes or marble repair kits in a similar color to your marble countertops. Those products are non-abrasive and will fill in the small scratches and allow you to polish the marble surface to make it as shiny as new.

Start by sanding the marble very lightly with fine-grit sandpaper. To avoid making problems worse, be sure to do this very, very carefully, as your goal is to make the scratches more even, not make one worse. Once this is done, mix the marble polish with water (if it’s a powder) until it’s the right consistency, and apply it to the scratched area. Use a clean, soft cloth to buff the marble to a brilliant shine.

deep scratches

Most commercial products used to remove scratches from marble will not work on deep scratches, especially those that have gone through the dresser and affected the marble itself. To fix them, you’ll need to remove all of the coating on your marble countertop by sanding it down slowly with a dry sandpaper or coating remover. You will then need to sand down any scratches in the marble surface and, more importantly, reapply the dressing to the marble countertops to seal and protect them from the elements.

This is quite a bit of work, and often it’s best to let the professionals do it. Most marble companies will sand and restore marble countertops at a much lower cost than replacing the entire countertop.