Virtual Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Virtual Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Restorative Wisdom is an online yoga teacher training course that is designed to expand your teacher toolkit, deepen your own practice and build a solid foundation for teaching yin yoga classes. It explores yin as a traditional and therapeutic style of yoga, and the foundational tools you need to confidently theme, sequence, and teach yin yoga.

Yin yoga is a powerful practice that helps to release tension and deeply connect with the inner body and energetic body. It is a great compliment to the more active, dynamic, and yang styles of yoga, and provides a vital balance for your students’ bodies as well. Many 200-, 300- and 500-hour yoga teacher training programs include yin yoga as part of their curriculum. However, many teachers do not feel prepared to offer yin yoga to their students.

Taking a yin yoga teacher training online can help you to gain a deeper understanding of this soothing style of yoga. It covers all of the components that make yin yoga unique and teaches you how to bring a sense of balance to your students’ practices. This yin yoga training online is offered in 3 parts so that you can create a customized experience based on your needs and schedule.

Virtual Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Restorative Wisdom

This yin yoga training online is for yoga teachers and non-teachers alike who are interested in adding the power of yin to their teacher toolkit. It is also a valuable resource for dedicated yoga students who want to take their own practice to the next level and learn how to integrate yin into their daily lives.

The yin yoga teacher training online is available in the SELF-PACED option and consists of pre-recorded video sessions as well as recorded Q&A sessions. It is a great complement to a live teacher training or an online yoga teacher training program, and can be used to fulfill Yoga Alliance continuing education (CEU) requirements.

Internationally celebrated Yin & Restorative Yoga teacher Kali Basman brings you this unique and comprehensive training. It’s an intermingling of wisdom disciplines, blending the foundations of Buddhist mindfulness with a journey through the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians and physiology of the nervous system.