Water Heater Serviced

When your water heater stops working, it can put a major damper on your life. It is one of the most essential household appliances and is used for a variety of tasks such as bathing, washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, and more. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t aware that their water heater needs to be regularly serviced to ensure proper performance and safety. Water heaters are usually out of sight and mind until they break down, but regular service can help prolong the lifespan of your unit and save you money on energy costs.

The most common reason that people call for a water heater repair is because of a lack of hot water. This may be due to a faulty thermostat, damaged tank, rusty pipes, or other issues that can be fixed by a professional. However, many of these problems could be easily prevented with regular maintenance.

A regular inspection and flushing of the water heater is a simple way to prevent mineral build-up, which is common in Sacramento’s hard water area. The minerals from hard water can build up inside the tank and cause it to corrode. This can lead to a leak that could flood your home and ruin your flooring or carpet. Flushing your water heater during a maintenance inspection will prevent this problem and keep your water heater running efficiently.

Why You Need to Get Your Water Heater Serviced

Another benefit of getting your water heater serviced is that it can prevent future damage to your home. Many homeowners don’t know that a leaking or broken water heater can cause significant damage to your home. It is one of the leading homeowner insurance claims and can be very expensive to fix. By having your water heater serviced, a professional can check for any minor problems that may be causing issues with your system and address them before they become more serious.

Licensed plumbers are trained to diagnose a wide range of problems with your water heater, including wiring, piping, heating elements, and anode rods. They can also provide routine maintenance services to help prevent the need for costly repairs down the road.

Water heaters are complicated pieces of equipment and often require special tools to perform maintenance and inspections. Many of these tasks can be dangerous for an untrained individual and should be left to a professional.

Water heaters are a large investment for any home, so it is important to protect this vital piece of equipment by scheduling routine maintenance services with a professional plumbing company. The benefits of this will far outweigh the cost of replacing a faulty or failing water heater. Schedule a maintenance inspection for your water heater today!