Day: January 19, 2023

Toronto Travel Tips

Any Toronto travel guide will provide you with all the details you need to visit this modern cosmopolitan city in southern Ontario, Canada. It is a great idea to read and get all the information before you travel so that you can best plan your trip and include all the activities you want. Touring any […]

Life and death priorities

Planet Earth did not come into being by accident, nor did God create this magnificent sphere through a huge chaotic explosion in the Universe. Rather, the book of Genesis specifies God’s intricate fabrication of our planet and everything on and on it, through a carefully planned and detailed order of design. And where there is […]

Superfood splendor for your blender

The term “superfood” has recently been used to describe many edible items that don’t necessarily fit the bill. An unfortunate example of this occurred on a well-known street where a large yellow bird and a disgruntled garbage man have occasionally been seen. Yes, sunny day, sweeping away the clouds, on my way to where the […]