In this Age of Aquarius of the XXI century, a Runic Mage must perform all his magic from the mental plane. They must visualize what to do before they can do it.

But first you must build your mental toolbox with everything that is needed. The laws of quantum physics tell us that ‘thoughts are things’ and therefore it is the thoughts and visualizations that hold the power.

You need to establish within yourself a space, a mental space, within which you can work. When you draw the Runic energies from the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God, you have to put them somewhere in your mind.

When you sit in your favorite chair or stand in an oak grove in the forest, you must first visualize an outer Runic Kingdom around you.

The Workspace within your mind where you will perform your mental work will be your Inner Rune Realm. This is where you draw the Runic Energies from the Quantum Ocean using the power of your mind and your visualization. You can connect the three kingdoms. The outer Rune Realm of your Environment, the inner Rune Realm of your Mind, and the Quantum Ocean, the Mind of God. The three Kingdoms permeate and interpenetrate each other.

In the Outer-Rune Realm, around your favorite chair or outdoor spot, you need to visualize your magical utensils. Set up magical structures that will protect you and free you to do your job.

As a rune mage, you will be using all four elements in your future work, so you will want to have the symbols of the elements around you as you sit in your chair.

If your chair faces north, visualize a large gold coin representing the Earth or matter element in front of you. Make it as big or small as you like. Behind you is the south, so visualize a candle or the flame of a fire.

On your right side is the East, the side of ‘air. Visualize a dagger, a symbol that represents the element of Air.

On your left side is the west, where you can visualize a lake, river or ocean or just a simple cup of water to represent the element of water.

As a rune mage, feel free to mentalize whatever symbol you like to represent the four elements. Now you have your will (Fire), Mind (Air), Emotions (Water) and Consciousness (Earth) surrounding you symbolically.

When you perform your magic, you will direct your willpower, control your thoughts, focus your emotions and your conscious attitude.

The rune magician is not like an ordinary magician, who thinks one thing, feels another, says something different, and does something else all together. A rune mage focuses on his mental rune magic.

Now protect yourself and your Outer Runic Realm by visualizing a protective sphere or bubble around you. You do not want any interfering energy to enter your Inner or Outer Runic Realms to disturb you.

Finally, in your mind’s eye, create a circle of Runes around you. Start with the Fa Rune in the North, directly in front of you. In a counterclockwise direction, visualize all the Runes that surround you until you reach Gibor next to the Rune Fa.

Practice this Outer Rune Ritual while sitting in your chair. The four elements are symbolically placed north, south, east, and west of your chair. Just outside of these elements is a circle of the 18 Runes with you sitting in the middle. Finally, you and your Outer Rune Realm are surrounded by a sphere or bubble of white Light for protection.

To become a powerful rune mage, you must practice this mental visualization so that you can close your eyes anywhere and make it manifest mentally.