Many seasoned Las Vegas visitors have their own unique perspectives on the “values” of traveling to Las Vegas. These obviously vary based on individual preferences, budgets and pre-Vegas travel planning and actual visiting experiences. There is a plethora of assorted “Las Vegas Best Values” lists from numerous print and online sources. What follows is an alternative list of 15 of the best value Las Vegas options (and that’s key) for future Las Vegas vacationers. Any current list of Las Vegas “best values” is subject to change because visitors, their experiences, and the community itself are often rapidly evolving. Rapidly changing situations are particularly relevant today due to the current economic climate in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

1. Southwest Airlines as an airline:

In our experience, you can’t beat this airline for the lowest average fares to Las Vegas. Sign up for their email specials and “Ding” services. There is a reason this airline has never declared bankruptcy and we can safely speculate that the lower fares and their effect on customer satisfaction and subsequent ticket sales and passenger volume are an important aspect of their success. .

two. Car rental:

Car rental is a favorite mode of transportation because it often provides greater flexibility and freedom when in Las Vegas and this represents value to us. Our trips rarely last less than four days and having a car at our disposal allows spontaneous decisions to go where we want when we choose. Securing a really good car rental rate can be challenging at times (car rental rates are currently trending upwards) and may require multiple visits to multiple online sites over the course of your trip planning efforts to get a good deal. These multiple visits, along with signing up for the car rental agency’s online membership specials, can result in a decent rental rate with a little effort. The exorbitant taxes and fees associated with car rentals at McCarran Airport is an element that renters must accept; these additional costs often represent 30 to 50% of the total rental costs. However, car rental costs can compare favorably with other modes of transportation within the city, such as taxis, shuttles, and limousines.

3. Ellis Island Steak Special:

This is still a bargain at $6.95 (recently up from $4.95). It’s not huge and it’s not perfect, but it’s excellent value for a decent meal. It’s not on the menu so ask your server for it. Ellis Island is located a few blocks east of the strip on Koval Lane, which parallels Las Vegas Boulevard (near Flamingo Road).

Four. Shrimp cocktail at Golden Gate (center):

This classic Las Vegas foodie treat is still just 99 cents for Players Club members ($1.99 for non-members).

5 .Coupon Usage:

There are tons of free coupons available and some great sources of bulk coupons that can be purchased to use in Las Vegas. Together, these can make a big difference in your search for savings in Las Vegas with a little time and effort invested. We routinely purchase two sets of coupons in bulk from Las Vegas Advisor (now the Member Rewards Book; formerly Pocketbook of Values) and the American Casino Guide, which are traditionally the standard sources for Las Vegas coupons. Two orders from each of these sources routinely save/win approximately 4-6x their purchase cost to us (blackjack game play and free ace coupons along with multiple 2 for 1 dinners).

6. Play the ‘compensation’ game:

If one literally “plays their cards right” or chooses to only play high payback slots or video poker with applied bankroll management strategies, the compensation buildup can add very real dollars to your Vegas budget. I play $5 – $25 minimum blackjack and both my wife and I play high paying slots (there are a few, despite their reputation) or full pay video poker at 40 cents at $2.00 per spin denominations. We haven’t paid for a room in Las Vegas in over two years (8 trips of four to nine days each). Currently, the economic climate in Las Vegas has the casino: hotel companies are struggling to attract the bosses and rewards with gifts attached are the norm. Be sure to get memberships in players’ clubs and online casino mailing lists (see next post) to pick up these great bonus offers that are particularly favorable for free or discounted rooms.

7. Player’s club and casino – Hotel Online Email List Memberships:

Particularly now, the value of this effort cannot be overstated. There is a full-blown and raging casino war going on for patronage.

8. Las Vegas buffets:

Las Vegas buffets are famous and vary in price, service, culinary variety, and quality. We try to visit one or two top tier buffets (i.e. Bellagio and Wynn) on every trip to Sin City and always try to pay buffet lunch prices 30-45 minutes before the anticipated change in food type to buffet offerings. Dinner. This allows you to try the lunch and dinner menus at a reduced price (dinners are always more expensive, and this approach saves $15-$20 for two people). In addition, we also dined at some of the cheaper off-strip buffets such as The Orleans (pretty good) and also used many 2-for-1 restaurant and buffet coupons from the sources mentioned above.

9. Fab Four Live Music Show:

My partner and I enjoyed this bargain show of live music from Beatle impersonators. It’s often possible to purchase half-price tickets (as we recently did for our next trip for $24.50 each) from one of three sources. Half Price Shows, Goldstar Tickets and Tix4Tonight often offer tickets to this show at greatly reduced prices.

10 Free Stratosphere Funbook:

This diversion book has maintained a superior comparative reputation as the best diversion book (highest expected value of approximately $20.00) offered in Las Vegas. Pick up one for free at the Stratosphere Players Club desk.

eleven The Free Las Vegas Strip Show at Night:

The fountains at Bellagio, the volcano at Mirage, the pyramid beam at Luxor, the image of various converging casino architectural configurations at the corners of Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and human behavior conflated, skewed, and occasionally drunk and entertained throughout this iconic setting are sights to behold.

12 Vegas Options:

The options are truly endless. There is value in this fact as long as your cash supply and ability to remain conscious are maintained.

13 Point multiplier days and other casino game promotions:

Take advantage of published slots / video poker 2 – 10 days X point multipliers at many casinos outside the strip. Some of these venues also offer occasional table game promotions, as well as slots and table game tournaments with reasonable buy-ins. Check the Vegas Values ​​Report on the American Casino Guide website for weekly updated casino promotional offers in advance of a trip to Las Vegas.

14 Avoid Unbeatable House Edge Casino Games:  

Avoid keno, the big wheel, and the plethora of newer blackjack derivative games like spanish fun 21, etc., due to the exorbitant house odds.

fifteen. Travel planning with regularly updated research:

Although it obviously requires time and effort, this factor is sometimes multiplied. Car rental rates, airfare, and room deals, among other items, change regularly and often daily, as does the city itself.


Charles Higgins