Most people have a wrong concept of meditation. They think that you have to sit like a yogi on the top of a mountain or in a quiet place and adopt a specific position or posture to meditate. Well, here I am going to show you how easy it is to meditate anywhere and anytime. It can be at work, at home, or driving in your car. You’ll get instant benefit from this exercise and wonder why you didn’t learn it sooner.

Many meditation systems have been invented, but not many people understand the purpose of meditation. They use various techniques to calm their mind, but when they return to their routine, their minds return to their state of torture and confusion. There is no true peace, understanding, or enlightenment in the individual.

Meditation is not about concentrating on one object and locking the rest in the mind. It is not just about calming the mind and acquiring some peace. It is not about religion or religious beliefs. In my mind, the true purpose is to discover the timeless dimension where there is eternal peace. It is also learning about yourself, how you operate in your mind and harmonize your internal and external worlds. It is a path to self-discovery.

You may not realize it now, but the timeless dimension is as real as the time dimension we live in, where we have the past, the present, and the future. It is eternal, peaceful and always in the present. The only thing that separates you from the timeless is your perception.

Most people experience the timeless when they are away from any man-made structures in the field, on a mountain top, or in the bush. There, the eternal dimension is so overwhelming that one can feel that time is standing still. It is a spontaneous event. The mind becomes alert and still without a single thought to disturb it, where the observer in mind and what is observed becomes a phenomenon. You become part of the universe. What one experiences is real and beyond words. It is not imagination. It is only when the stupid ego utters some stupid words like “Oh what a beautiful sight this is … etc.” that the magic spell has been broken.

Here he did not realize that he had entered the timeless dimension, but uttering those words brought him back to his current time zone. Please understand the ego. He is a great survivor and is afraid of disappearing from mind. Use the thought process to travel through time through the use of words and sentences. If you did not verbalize, you would find that your thoughts have no substance.

Therefore, thinking is an acquired habit that we use to fill our minds with thoughts. One thought ends and another begins. When we are not thinking, we are always doing something else. We may be listening to music, watching television, playing sports, or participating in other escapist activities. One fears that if you stop thinking, you will disappear from the mind. Thoughts go round and round like a squirrel in a cage. The mind is never empty. This constant stimulation of the subconscious mind causes it to become restless and turbulent. Peace is desired.

While relaxing music can help calm our minds, it is meditation that one must turn to to gain true peace and tranquility. Meditation should be fun and a constant learning process. It is a path to enlightenment. You do not need to adopt a specific position or posture.

Please understand that meditation is not about concentrating on one thing and excluding everything else. In my opinion, it is an all-inclusive process and initially requires a bit of practice. Here’s a simple way to meditate and discover the timeless, anywhere, anytime. When we contemplate in this way, life becomes an eternal meditation.

No matter where you are. You can be at work sitting at a desk or sitting at home in your living room watching television. Look at the photo in front of you. Look at all the objects in front of you without saying a single word in your mind. You can recognize and know all the objects in your sight without naming them or focusing on any one in particular. Now zoom in to see the entire image of the room, except for your back. Don’t say a single word. You now have a panoramic view of the entire room except your back. There is an observer (the ego) in your mind who observes the whole picture, fully alert and in the present. If you look closely, you will notice an ethereal stillness in the room. At the same time, keep in mind that it has not disappeared from mind. Your mind is not blank. You are trying to understand the present.

As you do this, become aware of your habit of thinking by trying to interrupt your observations. Don’t try to control your thoughts. Let them flow freely. Notice how the words activate your thought process. If you did not say or use names (verbalize), thoughts have no life in them, as do emotions. Become aware of the feeling that might be disturbing you. Stay with it. Keep in mind that putting your feelings into words intensifies them. If you don’t verbalize, the feelings evaporate.

Also, be aware of the words you use in your mind. Train yourself to replace negative words with positive words, even if you don’t mean it. Our subconscious mind responds reflexively to words, not to their meaning. For example, if you are driving in a hurry and under stress, say this “Relax, slow down. What’s the rush? There is plenty of time.” You will be surprised to find yourself relaxing and slowing down.

When you practice meditation in this way, you will soon come to recognize the phenomenon of the observer and the observed, becoming one in your mind. It is a spontaneous event. When this happens, you are experiencing the timeless dimension. You will soon realize that you are an eternal part of this universe. You will understand what peace of mind is and what eternity is.

The timeless dimension is like a 3D image. At first, it seems flat. But if you keep looking at it, the depth (the third dimension) appears. Most of us look at reality with tunnel vision, focusing our attention on a small area. With the simple method described above, you will soon be able to see the image in a panoramic view.

Do you still think that it is difficult to practice meditation in this way? Try it; It is easy. First, look at a remote object. Then, zoom in to see the whole image, except for your back. Now you have a panoramic view. Doesn’t this technique by itself give you instant relief from facial muscle tension? Develop this good habit. Soon your perception will change. When you look at the image in front of you with a panoramic view, you will instantly feel relaxed. You will not develop new wrinkles on your face. Practicing meditation every day in the way I have described above will keep you mentally young and fresh. You will not have to worry about Alzheimer’s disease. It will also slow down the aging process.