Have you ever been woken up at 2 am by someone trying to open your front door? Is it the wind or could someone really try to get in?

A million things go through your head. Your family could be in danger, especially if the home invader is armed. Perhaps the first thing that occurs to you is that that baseball bat that has been in the corner of your room gathering dust just for that occasion. We all have this fantasy of going down and taking care of the person who threatened his family. Who Needs 911?

But are you that brave (and stupid)? You realize that this is not a fantasy: someone is trying to break into your house. How often have you faced someone who tries to hurt you? Have you ever been in a real fight that could now mean your life? That little melee combat you learned in boot camp probably won’t help you now. Maybe I should call 911 after all.

The above scenario could have been avoided if your front door had some kind of device nearby with a loud alarm or even a siren connected. No thief would risk going through the front door with all that noise. Your neighbors will most likely hear the alarm and call 911, even if you don’t have a chance. With all that commotion, the thief should be long gone by the time the police arrive, AND his family will be safe and secure. And dad (or mom) will be a hero, all thanks to a product known as a door alarm.

Door alarms come in different sizes and shapes. They are inexpensive, easy to set up, and easy to use. To make your home even more safe and secure, there are window alarms that will also make a loud noise when the window is shaken.

These products are also portable and can be brought into a motel or college dorm. They are also great for stores to keep people out of warehouses or places where they shouldn’t be on the wrong side of the cash register counter. There are even products with a safety beam that you can place on your door to notify that someone is visiting your store or that your young children have left your playroom.

There are a multitude of door and window alarms to choose from and a ton of ways they can be used. Every home should have several of these products so that you are not the next crime victim.