The most recognizable product Ty Inc. has produced is the Beanie Baby. Ty produces a long line of unique stuffed animals. In 2007, Ty Girlz first appeared as a stuffed toy, quickly followed by the Ty Girlz website. Both the toy and the website are aimed directly at girls ages 8-16. Non-members can visit the website for free; however, this limits most of the activity they can have in the virtual world. Unlike most other virtual worlds, Ty Girlz does not offer monthly or yearly memberships. Instead, members must purchase a Ty Girlz doll that has a secret code attached to the tag. The code can then be entered on the website during registration, unlocking all the benefits of membership. Currently, the price for a Ty Girlz doll is $ 14.99, although this price can change and vary.


Ty Girlz is a very pink website, designed specifically for girls. The website is actually modeled after the dolls and works for two reasons: to bring the owners together in a virtual online world, and to further market the dolls. The dolls actually look like dolls, with serene and happy expressions. On Ty Girlz, the avatars don’t look like dolls, they seem to have been modeled after teenagers with little respect for themselves. Once the girls purchase a doll, they enter the doll’s code in the registration process and fully activate their membership. Members choose an avatar to be their online personality. This avatar can be customized with accessories and a unique look. The avatar has its own room, the ability to decorate it, a selection of the top cities to live in, and $ 500 in virtual Ty Dollars.

Although most of the website exists for girls to talk about the Ty brand and interact with other girls, there are games to play. These games earn players Ty Dollars, the website’s virtual currency. The more games people play, the more Ty Dollars they can win. This currency allows players to purchase room furniture, personal accessories, clothing, makeup, games, and other commercial items. Chat is the most popular feature in the virtual world. Chat Around the World prevents members from writing their own words. They should use pre-selected words and phrases. In the Freestyle chat version, members can type their own phrases, but they are limited to words found only in the Ty Girlz dictionary.

What is good

The website will appeal only to girls of a wide age range who are interested in fashion and social chat. Graphics are pretty good – clean, clear and sharp images. It flows quite well. It is a brilliant website with vibrant colors. There is no violence, alcohol, drugs or smoking on the website or in the games. Chat filters remove foul language. Aside from testing simple memory skills, Ty Girlz has no real educational value.

What is bad

The comparison with Barbie is unmistakable. Isn’t there more to a girl’s life than makeup, fashion, beauty, and shopping? Certainly Ty Inc. doesn’t think this is all that will come from the girls buying and displaying their Ty Girlz, does it? There are no positive role models or messages contained in the virtual world for girls that will empower girls to become mere shopaholics. Girls can have a bit of fun on this website, but it shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Online security

Ty Girlz has no control over who joins his website; however, they have control over what the members say. In this regard, Ty Girlz is to be commended for at least trying to put tight security measures in place to protect girls. The most secure chat mode only allows users to choose pre-selected words and phrases. Even in open chat, only chosen words from your restricted dictionary are allowed and moderators patrol this area. Members are encouraged to report inappropriate behavior and parents are required to give their consent before a child uses open chat.