Career opportunities galore

Career opportunities in a country are influenced by a number of factors such as social changes, globalization, science and technology, and environmental changes. Many changes are taking place in these domains, and many new careers emerge as a result. These changes lead to new professional trends. Also, some careers are now becoming obsolete. Let’s start […]

The 10 best sports movies of all time

There have been thousands of sports movies over the years. Some have been absolute shit and most are mediocre at best, but there are a few that remain deeply ingrained in our memories. Those films not only invoke our passion for sports, but they manage to cross over and teach us greater life lessons. They […]

What is gothic makeup?

Gothic makeup is a contrast between black and white and gives the wearer a rather ominous looking presence. This type of makeup is a subculture that started in Europe in the 1980s after the punk movement. The punk movement was started by a group of young people who liked a certain type of music. While […]

Riding a bike on the roads of Lagos

In the old days, in addition to the use of animals such as donkeys, camels, and horses for transportation and / or carriage facilitators, some well-accustomed individuals used Bicycles to move from one point to another. There may be one or two people who have the resources to buy bicycles at that time in a […]

Trades, transfers and Heatley

At times like these, it can be hard to believe that NHL hockey isn’t being played right now. Despite the offseason, the hockey world is truly awake and full of big-name player moves, a frenzied free agent market, and enough rumor and speculation to drive anyone crazy. On Friday night, the Colorado Avalanche traded “Captain […]