If you know anything about Ragdoll cats, you know how easy it is to fall in love with them. Ragdoll cats need care that other cat breeds may not need. When considering ownership of a Ragdoll, it is important to think about what breed-specific care your kitten will need.

I created a short True or False quiz about Ragdoll cats and how to care for them.

Ragdolls are a small breed of cat and they reach maturity at approximately 18 months of age. True or false?

The answer is false. Rag dolls are big cats at maturity. The normal weight of a male Ragdoll is around 15-20 pounds and females tend to weigh a few pounds less. Ragdolls take three to four years to reach full maturity.

Ragdoll cats are calm and do not require any maintenance. True or false?

False again. This is kind of a trick question because Ragdoll cats tend to be calm and are not high maintenance cats. Still, it is best to brush your Ragdoll at least once a week. The rag dolls have beautiful, soft, rabbit-like fur. Mats are unlikely to be a problem with Ragdolls, but brushing will help remove dead hair and prevent it from falling out.

Ragdoll cats do not feel pain. True or false?

Fake. There is no question that Ragdolls feel pain. They absolutely do. This myth came from Ann Baker, the creator of the Ragdoll breed itself. Fortunately, this myth has been completely disproved.

Ragdoll lovers probably knew the answers to the quiz instantly, but if you’re new to the world of Ragdolls, maybe you’ve learned something. There is a lot of information about the breed. If you keep studying these amazing cats, I’m sure you will be as in love with them as I am.